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Plumbing and Bathroom Fitting in Oundle and Peterborough

JW Plumbers may not be one of the bigger plumbers operating in Oundle and Peterborough but we still offer a plumbing service to rival any other. And because we are a plumbing service that concentrates on the local Oundle and Peterborough area, with lower overheads in comparison, it means we always provide extremely competitive prices as well.

But we don't just win plumbing jobs on price, we do so on customer service too. Providing a reliable, high-quality plumbing service with NO CALL OUT CHARGE that works to your schedule, will get the job done and with the minimum of fuss. Whether as an emergency plumber fixing a leak or toilet overflow, a general plumber replacing a tap or pipework, a fitter installing kitchen appliances or a bathroom installer equipping a luxury new bathroom suite or shower. We can do it all.

Trust JW Plumbers to do it for you too, we offer Oundle, Peterborough and all the surrounding area a premium plumbing service without the premium price.


Having a new bathroom suite installed is a wonderful thing, however you don't want to risk it being done by non-professionals. At JW Plumbers we can help you plan and design your new bathroom within your budget plus we will guarantee a price for installation. With years of experience and many successful fitting behind us, we can also assure you of the highest quality finish. Something that applies if we refurbish an existing bathroom suite, replace a shower, a sink, a toilet or a set of taps. And not to forget more routine bathroom plumbing, if you have a leaky bath, a problem shower head, a toilet that doesn't flush properly or a dripping tap you can rely on us to attend to those cost effectively too. And definitely with no call out charge.

Luxury Bathrooom Fitting


From fitting a new kitchen tap or sink to installing a new washing machine or dishwasher, call JW Plumbers and we'll arrange the most convenient time to tackle the job in regard to your need. And for more urgent kitchen plumbing such as a leaking sink, faulty taps or damaged pipes we will respond as soon as possible and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Hot Water Tanks

JW Plumbers supply and install a range of hot water tanks, including unvented hot water systems. An unvented hot water system is different to the 'old style' hot water tank because it does not require a water tank in the loft to fill from, it is instead filled straight from your mains water pipe. The benefits? With high water pressure straight from the mains there's no need for shower pumps, it is water directly from the mains and not from a loft tank so it's cleaner and healthier to shower in and with no extra water tanks there's no storage space required. If you require a repair to any hot water system, or an upgrade then please get in touch.

Hot Water Tank Fitting

Outside Taps and Plumbing

If you are looking to install an outside tap to wash the car or water the garden we can help. You might also require a garage, shed or other outbuilding to be connected to the mains water supply. Even a hot tub! We repair taps damaged by cold weather too. Call us for a free consultation and quote.

Dripping and Leaky Taps

Leaving a tap to drip or leak from the side is not only an annoyance, it's a waste of water and it will only ever get worse. Invite us to fix the leak and since we carry a range of washers and tap components we can usually repair the damaged tap on the first visit. If we think it's worn away so much that it's better to replace the tap, we will arrange that for you too.

Fix a leaking tap

Burst Pipes and Leaks

A burst pipe never happens at a good time or good place, you may not even know specifically where the leak is coming from. But we will respond quickly to the emergency, get to the root of the problem and fix it quickly, preventing further and potentially very expensive water damage. Leaking pipes, through bad connections, can also quickly accumulate damage to your property. Ask us for a quote to replace or reseal the damaged plastic or copper piping.


A blocked or slow draining sink, bath or shower can be caused by limescale, oxidisation or food accumulation. But whatever the reason it is always annoying and needs to be addressed before it causes more serious damage. So call JW Plumbers, we have the expertise and equipment to remove the blockage, and your frustration.

Fix kitchen sink blackages

Fitted Water Softener

Eradicate hard water problems for good with a fitted water softener. Hard water has a detrimental effect on anything it comes into contact with, blocked showerheads, leaking ball valves, scaled up cylinders, less lather when you wash, even to the taste of the tap water. But it's not just sensible to fit a water softener for the sake of comfort, it also makes economic sense. You'll save money on heating, extend the life of your boiler system and enjoy other more unexpected benefits such as using less detergent in washing machines. It all adds up, soon the system will have paid for itself and you'll definitely enjoy the lifestyle and hygenic change of softer water. So ask us for details about the water softeners we recommend and for a free no-obligation installation quote.


"I wanted to write to say thank you very much for the heating work you did for us. No one else has been prepared to take the time and think through the problem we had like you did. It was much appreciated and has made all the difference to our hot water. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to other people." - Mrs K Shires
"We are very pleased with the first class service and would definitely recommend you to anyone who may be looking for installing Heating and Plumbing" - Mr & Mrs G Long
"Heating and water working well, thanks for all your hard work" - Dr Gilbert
Annoying Toilet Overflow?

Some of our recent installation and plumbing work

(N.B. After we've fixed a leak, or unblocked a toilet, there's not really much of a photo to take!)

Bathrooom Fitting
Shower Fitting
Bathrooom Installation
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Shower Fitting
Bathroom Sink fitted onto chest of drawers
Immersion Heater Fitting
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Luxury Sink Fitting
His and Hers Sink Fitting
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